The advantages using fresh pasta machines

Do you own a restaurant, manage a community or are you simply just keen on homemade, fresh and tasty pasta?
Sure you have already realized how much money you are supposed to spend buying fresh pasta because of high prices, in fact if you buy good pasta, especially if you need a great amount of it, it is particularly expensive. Another problem that we have to take into consideration is that even if many types of pasta are being sold, in most of the cases they do not offer solutions for those people who choose to go vegan or those who suffer from celiac diseases. That’s why the best solution is to produce your own pasta at home but at what price?

When you produce puff pastry at home you normally need a bit of manual work using a common rolling pin in order to thin it so that it looks like a sheet. This is an hard and time-wasting activity.


Pasta machines for families and experts

If you love fresh pasta, it is much more convenient to produce it on your own with a pasta machine. You will easily have a perfect puff pastry just pushing a bottom, you just have to choose the right machine for you among a great range of possibilities. Bottene produces great electric pasta machines perfectly made for those who quickly need a good amount of pasta and the result will be exactly like a manually made puff pastry. Let’s make an example: families that are fond of fresh pasta and small restaurants (maximum 20 seats in them) can opt for our Lillodue machine. The capacity of this machine is 1,400 Kg and produces 3kg of pasta per hour. Just to have an idea, you will obtain 10 portions of pasta in less than 20 minutes!

Our machines are stainless and have a total modern design, they are really easy to use therefore they are perfect for families that would like to have a safe and compact instrument that works exactly like a professional industrial machine. Either for a family or for experts our machine are the most suitable to extrude very quickly great quantities of pasta in endless shapes thanks to the different bronze die plates included in the price. With the pasta cutter you will also be able to obtain shorter types of pasta like maccheroni, rigatoni, gargati, fusilli, gnocchi, cannelloni and more but also puff pastry for lasagne.

A part from the Lillodue Bottene naturally produces also other professional machines for wider restaurants, communities or laboratories but the same quality is always granted as well as a simple use, for example the PM 120.


More advices

Free your imagination and let’s start create any type of fresh pasta you want using bran, durum or soft wheat, whole dough with our without eggs but also a colored dough taking advantage of vegetables.

Always remember that the first rule to have a great pasta is: each kg of flour needs 400 ml of liquid such as water, eggs or vegetables soups. The dough will be ready in a few minutes according to quantities and ingredients. Our machines are very easy to clean too but pay attention to the stainless tank, it is better to use a humid rag to clean it and also pay attention while washing the hole where pasta is extruded.