Our History.


It was far off 1875 when Francesco Bottene applied for royal patent no. 8014 for what was then called a “new machine for making pasta at home” called “Bigolaro” i.e. a bigoli making machine named after the Veneto dialect term for very thick spaghetti.
In addition to bigoli, gargati, thick rigatoni with large grooves, could also be made with this machine. Since then our company has never stopped making these bigolari machines whose production was supplemented, in the mid twentieth century, by the first motorised extruders. Constant technological evolution and new experiences have led to more and more complete and totally reliable pasta-making machines for restaurants, communities, shops and families following in the pasta making footsteps of our ancestors.

A century long passion

An important watershed was the 1970s when our first exports gained us an international reputation. With huge number of Italians living abroad, our first clients were the sons and daughters of Italian immigrants – above all in the restaurant sector – wanting to get people acquainted with the culture and traditions of their fathers via the culinary arts too.

Thanks to this new rediscovery of tradition, the ‘old bigolari’ machines, too, have been increasingly popular in recent years.

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